See The “Se x Mountain” In Indonesia Where People Visit To Gain Favor Through Se xual Activities


A shocking revelation has emerged about a “se x mountain” where people go to have se x in the search of good luck…….The se x hotspot which has become a center of attraction in Indonesia has been described as a place where good luck seekers come to engage in se xual activities with strangers as part of a religious ritual to better their fortune…
The revelation was documented by Dateline video journalist, Patrick Abboud…. Mr Abboud says every 35 days you have to perform s ex s even consecutive times for the ritual to work. From married men, housewives, government officials and prostitutes, there’s a variety of people who participate.

In an interview, he said the idea of a mountain top s ex ritual for Muslims in Indonesia seems very strange.

‘Back in the 16th century, a young Indonesian prince had an affair with his step mother,’ he said.‘They ran away to the mountain and had se x and mid coitus they were caught, killed and buried. ‘There is a shrine there now and because they didn’t get to finish the act, others believe that if you do, fortune will come to you, most people like poor farmers who want to get ahead in life.


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