See The New Female Enhancement Booster That Is Trending After A User Shares It’s Experience


A twitter Influencer shares its experiences about a trending pleasure female performance enhancement pill named Kitty Kat.

A female twitter user shares its experiences of a female sensual performance enhancement drug called ‘Kitty Kat’. There is some phrasal contents which is stated on the small pack of the enhancement pill which is written as “Heighten sensations and desire” and “make the kitty go silly.”
According to the twitter influencer named as @afrohontas, she was giving his twitter followers who are interested in trying out the pill some guidelines that it takes 20 minutes for it to kick in and that it should be taken several hours after meal. If one is full, the pill will have a very little effect on the body system of the females who takes it.

However, twenty minutes after taking the pill @afrohontas was ready to give it trial with her husband. As their bedroom affairs began, the effects of the pills come to the fore with every stage of their intimacy.

The influencer said this in a statement that when she was touched by her man she felt a very extreme sensation down there. @afrohontas said:” My female Organs instantly started throbbing. And not no regular throb… It felt like my organs was connected to a stereo playing the Jumanji drum beat bro.”

From what she’s saying, the pill facilitates more sensual pleasure desire. She also stresses that the pill made her orgasm to be faster and more intense than ever before. So as a lady can you try out this female sensual performance booster drug? From the pack at least one of the pill cost a total sum of #7,000 Nigerian Naira. Can you also vividly say that this is worth considering an investment on a longer period of time?