See Terrible 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Your Smartphone at Night


In the 21 century, the Smartphone has turned out to be the best friend of human beings but the problem is that the usage of devices have been abused.

Many people now sleep with their phones in bed at night. This is an obvious sign of phone addiction that they dream about their devices. Unbelievable but true. This is not really good. So, before you get into your bed tonight, we urge you to check out these reasons not to use your smartphone in bed at night:

You will be unable to sleep

This is the most obvious reason why you should never use your phone in bed. You will never be able to sleep because of all the notifications that are disrupting and disturbing your sleep. Of course, you know that doctors recommend at least eight hours of sleep daily. Your phone should be on silence if you really want to get a smooth and uninterrupted nap.

You can be depressed

Persons who use their phone more frequently are prone to moodiness and depression. Also, since you are unable to get proper sleep just because you cannot control your phone usage, you are simply making you vulnerable to depression.

You are damaging your eyes

Exposure to blue light at night, which is emitted by your phone, can affect the eyes. And today, there are many smartphones that emit this light. To prevent dry eyes and blurred vision, allow your eyes to rest instead of surfing your phone.

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