See PHOTOS as woman weds her rug in special ceremony


– A 26-year-old single mum of two has married her rug in a special wedding ceremony

– Bekki Co’cks always told everyone who cared to listen about how much she loves her blue and white designed rug

– With her display of love for the non-living thing, her friend teased her about marrying it and the mum of two decided to make it a reality

Human beings express love for living things in a special way, however, when it comes to non-living things, love is mostly shown by possession or reverence. A 26-year-old single mum of two has taken love for a non-living object to another level.

Bekki Co’cks who works at a Cas*no always told her friends about how much she loves her rug. Her constant love for the object made her friends tease her about marrying it if she was sure she loved it so much, the 26-year-old took it literally and decided to tie the knot with her rug.

In a beautiful ceremony attended by friends and family, Bekki married her rug while looking gorgeous in a white wedding dress.

During the intimate hour-long service, Bekki, who was dressed in a traditional all-white wedding dress for the occasion, promised to love, honour and care for Mat ‘till death us do part’, The Sun reports.

26-year-old cas*no worker declared “I Rug You” in front of specially invited guests as she married the rug of her life in a special service.

Photo: The Sun.
Source: UGC