School installs cry closet in the library “for stressed out students”


The University of Utah has a “Cry Closet” in their library for “stressed out students” who want to take a cry break.

There are rules, however, for using the closet. One of them includes that you mustn’t spend more than 10 minutes in there. According to the Twitter user who shared the story, it was invented by a student and cost nothing to the school body.

The closet went viral when one University of Utah student posted a photo of it on Twitter.

A lot of people thought it was funny.

But, as often happens on the internet, some people didn’t understand it and were riled by the project.

The University of Utah defended the “Cry Closet” on Twitter and joked about it.

Meanwhile, the artist behind the “Cry Closet,” Nemo Miller, is just basking in the attention (and probably studying for finals).


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