Scammer made over $500k selling 5G repellent lotion online

There is surprisingly a large number of anti-5G people around the world.
Some of these people are very extreme about it they even burn 5G towers in their cities.

While companies are getting frustrated about people destroying their 5G infrastructure some guy who is believed to be from Seattle choose to capitalize on the whole mess by scamming the anti-5G community.

The scammer who had set up an e-commerce website in January managed to rake in over half a million dollars selling something he called 5G repellent lotion.

The website had costumers from around the world before it was taken down on the 15th of April. The website owner targeted the anti-5G groups on Facebook to push his product which became so popular that it was being sold on Amazon by resellers who bought in bulk. The 5G repellent lotion was being sold for $20 apiece but when the website was taken down they were sold for about $80 dollars on eBay for a few days.

The authorities say they were shocked by the reviews of the product because the people buying it actually thought it was saving their lives from the danger of 5G towers.

“We got one can of this precious 5G repellent lotion and took it to the lab, turns out it is just a very old Vaseline lotion mixed with very old sunscreen. It is really said that people could just believe in something silly like this and spend their money on something they have no clue about. If anything will give them cancer it is the anti-5G lotion not 5G towers”. Said Levi Brooks.

More and more people around the world are joining the Anti-5G groups and destroying the 5G towers. Social network giant Facebook had removed some of these groups when it’s members start participating in the destruction and burning of 5G infrastructure across the world.

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