Saudi Arabia makes a move to end funding Mosque projects around the world


A Former minister of Justice in the conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Abdul-Karim Issa, has announced that his country will stop funding mosques in foreign countries, reported on Friday.

The Swiss newspaper, Le Matin Dimanche also reported that the country is to establish local administrative councils for each mosque, in cooperation with the local authorities, in order to hand over these mosques to “secure hands”.

Adbul-Karim Issa added that;

“The time has come to hand over mosques to local administrative councils that represent Muslims in the area. The council should have an elected cleric.”

He disclosed that Saudi Arabia is to take the same measures with all the mosques all over the world, referring to “security reasons”.

The oil rich nation has been a major sponsor of mosques across the world and even funds Muslim centres. The crash of the global oil price has however hit the country hard and it has had to cut back on spending in many sectors.

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