SARS picked me up, forced me to call my dad for money, he calmly asked for their address then stormed the station with soldiers – Man narrates


A Twitter user has narrated how some operatives of Nigerian Police’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) were tricked into believing that they had successfully extorted an unsuspecting victim.

Narrating how he was stopped on the road by SARS, @sir_ade_ said that the operatives charged him to call his father to bail him out and his dad being a smart man, calmly engaged them in a conversation to catch them off-guard.

His father requested for their location so that he will come and bail his son out and the SARS operatives provided it but what they did not anticipate is the fact that he would storm the station with a truck of military men. @sir_ade_ wrote:

“SARS picking me up on the road just to tell me to call my dad so they can extort him and Oga acting calm on the phone only to pull up at their station with the whole army barracks is top 2 flex I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen flex ooo”.