Sarah Martins recounts weird encounter with popular Prophetess

Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins has recounted a weird encounter she had with a popular Prophetess in Porthacourt some years back.

Taking to Instagram to warn her fans to be wary of fake clerics, Sarah Martins wrote a lengthy message to buttress her point.

The actress claimed she was married and four months pregnant with her first child when her sister took her to the aforementioned prophetess, Mummy B, who used to be popular.

She said the prophetess almost conducted deliverance on her due to a fake prophecy because according to Mummy B, Sarah would never get married nor give birth because of what her grandmother did.

Sarah Martins stated that her sister had to tell those who were ready to listen that the prophetess is fake while dragging her out of the church crusade. In her words:

“I was 4 months pregnant when my elder sister took excuse from my husband and took me to a church crusade where their “then almighty” mummy B of port harcourt was ministering.

Brothers and sisters, this woman sent her guards to bring me up at the stage while my big sister was deeply praying. Next thing on stage, she was asking me who sent me, why am I in my body, which water did I come from etc… next thing she said my grandma deposited my menstrual pad to evil coven 15yrs ago and that’s that’s why I’ve been single and that I will never give birth.

As at then I was 21yrs old and I was happily married, pregnant and happy. My sister was feeling pity for the woman at the stage not knowing I was the one. Someone brought her notice to it and she ran to the stage to bundle me out. Call mummy B a fake prophet and a thief.

She had to explain to people that I was married and that 15yrs ago I was 6yrs. Omo that was the very day my sister stopped going to crusades. my hubby heard it he drove to the venue and bundled us out. Omo some churches na scam. Find your root and make peace with your chi.

Life go soft for you. I’ve met couple of fake pastors. I went to see a pastor for prayers and he instead of him to council me and pray for me, he started preaching love to me… begging me for a chance, this one happened 2yrs ago.”

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