‘Sanitary pad should be free, condoms should be sold’ — Ubi Franklin says


Popular Nigerian music executive, Ubi Franklin has shared his thoughts about what needs to be free and what needs to be sold between condoms and sanitary pads.

In his view, sanitary pads need to be shared freely with condoms being sold. This is contrary to what is happening in the world now as condoms are instead shared freely and sanitary pads are being sold.

The post he made reads;

“Sanitary pads for women should be free!! while condoms should be sold. You make the choice to have sex but women don’t have a choice to whether to see their monthly period or not.”

The post got some reactions and some of the reactions are;

amyesomchi – To think that Always Ultra is #1315 now😢😢😢

alisabatu_samuel – I endorse this post with 7000 bags of cement to make it firm cos the way the price is increasing daily is heartbreaking.

officialgold_dazzling – Asin eeh, especially the increase in pads it annoying😢

cyndi_ammy – So condom is free???