Samklef slammed for calling out professor Wole Soyinka


Music producer, Samklef has been slammed for calling out Nobel Laurete, professor Wole Soyinka, and others on social media.

Samklef shared a picture showing Wole Soyinka and other political activists during the 2011 Occupy Nigeria protest in Lagos.

According to the music producer, all those spotted during the protest against the then Goodluck Jonathan administration are nowhere to be found in terms of protests against hardship suffered in the current Buhari-led administration.

“Where all this wash wash men. They all came out during the time of good luck Jonathan. But today they keep quiet dem dey fear 2? yeye occupy”, he tweeted.

In response to his tweet, a certain Femi Adebimpe wrote:

“When Soyinka was your age, he went behind enemy line into Biafra to try and stop the Nigerian civil war from happening by talking to the protagonists. And he went to.prison for that.

Tell us the sacrifice you have made for Nigeria outside of hiding behind a twitter account!”