Sallah fun: ‘Aladdin’, top choice movie for FCT fun-seekers


The globally acclaimed movie is a remake of the 1992 cartoon and stars Will Smith as the ‘Genie’ with Mena Massoud as ‘Aladdin’.

Respondents who spoke to NAN at cinemas across the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) including Silverbird and Genesis, told NAN that they chose the movie because it was family friendly and they could watch it with their children.

Some other respondents who had seen the first version said they wanted to feel nostalgic as the film was a remake of something they enjoyed while they were younger.

Mrs Claire Tijani, who was watching with her three children said, “The movie is family friendly and will be appropriate to watch with my children. That’s why I have chosen to watch it.”

Also, Mr Adeiza Oyubu told NAN that he watched the original over and over as he grew up and was excited to see the live action with his children.

He said, “Aladdin represents growing up for a lot of us and it’s fun that I am able to see an upgraded version with my children.”

Meanwhile, respondents who had already seen the movie praised the performances of the actors, especially Will Smith for his modern take on the ‘Genie’ role.

Mrs Zainab Aminu said, “They nailed it. The movie was beautifully done and I did not waste my money. Will Smith was really amazing.”

NAN reports that so far, ‘Aladdin’ has made over $267.8 million worldwide, and its domestic gross has already exceeded that of ‘Dumbo’.

Other movies that got high viewings at the cinema during the holidays include ‘John Wick’, ‘Dark Phoenix’ and ‘Godzilla’.