Saga’s tears is from a place of deep foolishness – Dr. Olufunmilayo reacts to Saga weeping over Nini


A Nigerian doctor reacting to video of BBNaija’s Saga tearing up over the absence of his colleague Nini said his tears are coming from a place of deep foolishness.

Saga hasn’t been himself ever sing Biggie gave Nini a task to leave the house unnoticed by the housemates thinking something might have happened to the woman he loves and has been crying while looking for her in the house.

A lot of people have sympathized with him saying he’s teary because of the love he has for Nini but dr. Olufunmilayo thinks otherwise saying the tears of Saga are coming from a deep place of foolishness and not love as others think.

According to him, anyone with a brain in a gameshow should know that Nini is definitely not dead, neither has she been kidnapped or killed as at best it’s a task she’s doing or at worst it should be biggie’s plan and she’s definitely fine.

Therefore a grown adult man crying over someone else’s girlfriend is an act of foolishness and to crown it all Nini has made him aware that she’s in a relationship yet a grown man is rolling in tears over that and some netizens label it as love.

The doctor then added that the glamorization and romanticization of foolishness on social media never cease to amaze him and now a full-grown man is crying over someone’s girlfriend who has been given a secret task.

screenshot below;