“‎Safe delivery to all the pregnant women in Jesus name” – Nigerian woman passes away from complications due to baby’s size, 2 hours after delivery

A Nigerian woman garnered attention as a video of her dancing surfaced on the internet, just weeks or days before she passed away from complications related to the baby’s size.

In a video captioned: “RIP my dear, you’ve gone too early, God will raise the baby,” the lady was joyfully dancing and moving her body.

Several weeks later, she reportedly passed away at the hospital merely two hours after giving birth to her baby.

It was alleged that her death was due to complications arising from the baby‘s size.

Many individuals have since flooded the comment section of the post, offering their condolences to the family of the deceased woman.

See some reactions below:

God chosen: “‎child birth is not easy. baby was too big and she two hrs after giving birth. RIP dear.”

Macus: “‎I remember this gal back in our Facebook days she was by names ov atwine Jane rip darling.”

user2621234286179: “‎God protect all pregnant women outthere though some privacy is neded not evryone is happy fr urpregnancy,”

user6018331721027: “‎Rest in peace Jane and may God give strength to Mulindwa family Kashenyi Byooma.”

DN: “‎child birth isn’t easy , it’s a matter of death and life,i would never wish to get back there.”

arihosamuel6: “‎bambi its too sad may her soul rest in peace.may the almighty God project all pregnant women out there.”

k pac 105: “‎rest in peace dear and may the good Lord protect all pregnant woman out there.”

shiku kamande: “‎surely God will protect the baby and protect her/him while you raise the baby rip gal.”

Goodnessakhenoba: “‎safe delivery to all the pregnant women in Jesus name Amen.”

onyinyechi Ilo: “‎it is well may her soul rest in peace God will perfect all dat concern dey child.”

maina loice: “‎Rip mama, I survived my baby went. I pray for all the pregnant women.”



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