Sad! Pretty lady dies less than 24 hours after predicting her death (see photos)


NAIJ gathered that a young lady succumbed to death barely 24 hours after complaining about the state of her health to her friend.

According to reports, the young lady identified as Halima had been sick and was placed on admission in a hospital somewhere in Northern Nigeria.

Prior to her death, Halima had told one of her friends while having a chat with her that she wasn’t feeling any better and would die that same day.

Well, she predicted right, as she was said to have eventually died that same day in the hospital.

Halima reportedly died barely few hours after telling her friend that she might die

Translating from the Whatsapp conversation she had with her friend in Hausa language, she told her friend that: “She’s afraid she might see her death today”.. and that “she should forgive her”.

See screenshot of the chat below:

Pretty young lady dies hours after she told her friend she’d die that same day

The last chat Halima had with one of her friends

RIP to her!


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