Rwanda set to Launch a multi-million learning and meeting facility


The republic of Rwanda, a country in Central Africa which is currently known as the ” Singapore of Africa ” has become the centre of attraction. Known for it beautiful hills, stunning scenery and warm friendly people.

The President, Paul Kagame has transformed the Rwanda into a more technological and developed country. The capital city ( Kigali ) is the most cleanest city in Africa.

The government has implemented a ban on the use of plastic bags/sachet for environmental protection.

The latest to be added is the launch of a multi-million public garden with uderground libraries in it’s capital Kigali.

The garden is located on the roof of the library. There will be benches in the middle of the green field area where one can sit and study, read a book or relax.

Visitors will enjoy free wifi internet from the internet in the garden. The facility will be open to all.