Russian wedding ends in mass brawl after bride flips the finger at her father-in-law (photos)


It is the stuff of movies but even fiction isn’t so incredible. A wedding in Russia erupted in one big fight after the bride flipped the finger at her father-in-law. In a video shared online, the bride named Lena is seen raising the finger in the direction of her in-laws and accompanying it with a wink and a smile.


But her new father-in-law is less than impressed and launches towards her within seconds.

A male can be heard saying: “What the heck is this? Put your middle finger on the plate and I cut it with a knife”
Before her father-in-law screamed: “You freaking cow.

“Get the fk out of here.”
One woman, trying to cover the bride’s mouth with her hand, says: “Lena, please calm yourself down.”

While another man urges: “Go on, kill her.” The bride’s father in-law looses his cool and shouts: “You damned w-e!

“I spent a lot of money on this wedding and what did you do?”

He starts shoving and slapping his daughter-in-law who falls to the floor.

A woman’s voice can then be heard saying: “Lena, are you out of your fkng mind?”
In the footage Lena is led away in tears as her in-laws try to kick her.

While the immediate cause of the fight is obvious enough, the sheer size of willing participants is baffling. There could be an explanation however, where there are Russians there is Vodka and several bottles could be seen lying around.


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