Russell Wilson says he won’t have Ciara sign a prenup


27 year old Russell Wilson and 30 year old Ciara got engaged recently and will be getting married in the near future, but according to, an insider told them that Russell said Ciara wont have to sign a pre-nup when they get married.

“Russell and Ciara aren’t going to have a prenup,”. “Even the thought of speaking such words would mean that they’re questioning their love for one another. A prenup is like a jinx. They’re not going into the marriage thinking that it won’t last. They’re diving into this full on and they don’t want bad energy clouding their marriage.”

Some people think it’s not a wise move on Russell’s part but looking at their net worth online, Ciara is worth $17 million while Russell is worth $14 million. So their argument is really…baseless.


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