Runtown’s Babymama, Selena Blasts Ladies Who Post Nu des To Entice Men


Selena Leath, the mother of singer Runtown’s son, has a problem with females who hop on Instagram just to share photos of their behinds.

In a new rant shared on her Instagram, the new mum blasted the unnamed females and challenged them to offer something more than just anatomy.

“If you only showcase one ASSet, don’t get mad when you are put in a category you don’t like. Hoes be milking that one ASSet to get the guys who be flexing the assets. SMH,” she began, adding, “if neither one had those assets, what would they showcase on IG.”

She continued, “Some people behind these IG profiles are scared no one will like who they really are.”

And then she dared the females to offer something else.

Selena Leath is a hustler herself. While still pregnant with her son, the American model revealed plans of going back to her entrepreneurial past, revamping her hair care line, modeling for brands, acting and volunteering. “I’m going to do all this while juggling my son and school!” Selena Leath said.

Now, she has challenged other women to showcase other things beyond their bodies on Instagram.

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