Runtown- Emotions-audio,lyrics,reactions


Each of Runtown tracks deserves a place in the world best music charts. It is impossible to stop listening to his new banger Runtown – Emotions. You cannot afford to miss this musical sensation.

This song is a mix of juicy music and beautiful lyrics. Are you ready to listen to something explosive?

Runtown – Emotions description Released: May 23rd, 2019

Format: mp3

Genre: pop

Length: 3:26 min

Label: Soundgod Music

Emotions will kick your bad mood away. All you need to do is to listen to this danceable melody and to the pleasant voice of the singer. It is totally okay if you feel the desire to dance and smile. The musician never ceases to delight us with good music, and this song is another cool track.

Emotions reviews and comments 

Emotions have been well received by its audience. Here are some YouTube comments about the song

  • Banger! Drake needs to be featured on this track..This is his type of jam! @iNspiration TV How to listen to Runtow song. Listen once. Keep on repeat. Listen again and then it’s your fav
  • @Amreys Amos, I Swear This Is The Wave Love From Kenya ♥ @Travie Knight
  • Big bro you never slack, you are always the best @Aluwa Franklin
  • I love you from United Arab Emirates Dubai. Your voice and your song very sweet ❤❤❤more wisdom ahead @Pjoy Prospero