Rudeboy mopping the floor and cleaning the house on instagram live (Video)


In the past few weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic and the outbreak in Nigeria has managed to perform quite a number of wonders. And right now, it’s become a matter of “wonders shall never end” as unspeakable things are happening.

The latest to happen is that renowned billionaire singer, Rudeboy of the Psquare duo, as he recently just went live on Instagram to show that he is mopping the live and cleaning his house, all by himself. According to him, as far as Coronavirus is concerned, there is no big man himself.

After mopping the floor of the luxurious living room, he then took the camera to his bedroom, where he said he also has to clean. He then said, if he wants to eat, he also has to go to the kitchen himself. And after cooking, he has to clean the kitchen. Then, after eating, he has to do the dishes. For real.

The stay-at-home thing really got to him, since most of the people that probably used to do the jobs have to be with their families during this critical time. So it’s left for him to the chores, woah. This definitely comes as a surprise to most people, as he’s the least of all celebrities you’d expect to be doing chores.

Recall that the Lagos State Government recently shut down about 70% of the businesses in the state, restricting movements and placing a ban on social gatherings. This is in the wake of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Lagos and the cases that continue to increase.

Anyway, see screenshots from Rudeboy’s Instagram Live below.