Rudeboy laments over boredom says he’s getting mad


Coronavirus has put the world to a stand still, making almost everyone a prisoner in their own country without committing any crime and everyone is actually fed up now during this quarantine season.

Almost everyone is complaining about boredom but some celebrities are complaining bitterly since they are now home all day doing almost nothing for weeks and that is actually ‘killing’ them slowly.

Rudeboy of defunct music group PSquare has also joined the tall list of celebrities complaining about boredom though we have seen some videos of him trying to kill boredom by spending time and playing with his kids.

A recent post on his Instagram page shows that the singer is really bored and is losing his mind upon all the ‘funny’ videos and things he has been doing with his kids. By the end of this whole coronavirus crisis, a lot of people would have died of boredom and not the virus.

He posted a photo of himself with the caption “Everybody just de MAD ….. including me” “Many are MAD 🚶🏿‍♂️Few de CRAISE 🙄” as he pours out his frustration.

Photo below: