Rudeboy Gives Stunning Conditions To Accommodate His Twin Brother Mr P Back


Nigerian superstar musician, Paul Okoye, better known
as Rudeboy has spilled out the truth to an interviewer when he was asked if he can ever accommodate his twin brother back.

Tontrends News understands in a recent interview with NBS television, the popular singer from the defunct P square music group cleared the interviewer that it will be very difficult to reconcile with his brother, Peter Okoye.

Following the public reactions from masses over the constant hit vibes Paul Okoye keeps giving his fans, which makes it easier for fans to deduce the true voice of the defunct P-square and hail the Rudeboy over his lyrical songs.

He further said: “I don’t think it will ever happen again, and even if it gonna happen again, It ould be later probably in five years’ time because i don’t want to repeat the same mistakes in my life. But if such apology comes up now, i will say No.”