Rudeboy Finally Gives Reasons Why He Doesn’t Have Any Tattoos Like His Brother, Mr P


Why rude boy didn’t draw tattoo like his brother Mr p has been a serious question in people’s mind, knowing fully well that almost all popular musical artist has one tattoo or the other drawn on their body.

During the interview between two prosperous outstanding artist Mr p and rude boy formally known as psquare, Peter and Paul. But separated after they got married.

When Rudeboy was asked why he didn’t draw tattoo on his body as his brother Mr p did.

Mr p jumped into conclusion insulnating that rude boy was scared.

Rude boy responded objecting to that saying he was never scared. I just want to be different, I want people to see the difference between us because when it come to behavior we are different people, what I like, you don’t like and what u like some times i don’t like too, I just want people to see two different kind of people but when there come together they do one thing.

Well if you have been wondering about this earlier, I believe you now know the reason behind it.