Roma players’ mindset was what made the difference – José Mourinho on beating Juventus

While explaining some of his decisions after Roma defeated Juventus, Jose Mourinho acknowledged that he has “a strong rapport” with Max Allegri. “We frequently communicate one another.”

The Giallorossi were under pressure following their unexpected 2-1 loss to the bottom-of-the-table Cremonese, but they managed to move into a tie for fourth place with Milan thanks to this 1-0 victory.

Mourinho said to DAZN, “I am still sorry if I think back to Cremona and it is difficult to accept.

“We can win when we play as a team and the players give it their best. Notwithstanding my joy at this victory, I still have mixed feelings about my performance in Cremona.

Gianluca Mancini’s right-footed rocket from outside the box into the far bottom corner was the result of a brief moment of enchantment.

Juve rocked the goal frame three times this evening, so luck was also on their side.

With Gini Wijnaldum up front with Paulo Dybala and Lorenzo Pellegrini in support, Mourinho’s decisions prompted some questions.

“Roma won because the players performed better and gave their all. I don’t want to suggest that our tactical organization helped us win the game; rather, the players’ mindset was what made the difference.

“I have respect for Allegri and his team; they are skilled and playing well this season. We don’t score many goals as a team, so it was crucial to protect the ball and prevent them from increasing their energy when they built the wall.

“We struggle when opponents counter, but Rui Patricio worked some miracles, and we played solid defense.

“This is significant since the goalie needs to have a strong performance when playing Juventus.

Mourinho was originally given a match suspension, but he prevailed in an emergency appeal to have the two-game suspension postponed while the incident involving him and fourth official Marco Serra is further investigated.

“I have no expectations. I appreciate the fact that an inquiry is ongoing and will refrain from commenting. I just want to reiterate that all I want is to be able to work quietly.

Although he has had a long-standing grudge against Juventus, the Special One insists that he gets along well with Allegri.

“We communicate frequently, have a wonderful relationship, and joke around via text or through shared acquaintances. Even with a 15-point penalty, Juventus is a squad that can win six or seven games in a row, so even though I understand his anguish right now, I can say that I genuinely enjoy his team and am very delighted to be this far away from them. This is excellent.

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