RMD: Remembering his love, romance and marriage to his former boss


Not many people know that handsome Nollywood actor and former Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State, Richard Mofe Damijo was once a journalist. Yes, he was.As a fresh graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Benin, he got a job with Classique magazine where late May Ellen Ezekiel, popularly known as MEE was the publisher. The magazine had other employees/journalists such as Dele Momodu, Ben Charles Obi, and Rudolf Okonkwo.Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) was so brilliant, dependable and dedicated to duty that he worked till very late at times back then. His publisher, MEE was a single mother of one child, Onome didn’t fail to his his commitment. He would work till it would be too late to go back home, so he would sleep in the office.Apart from Classique Magazine, MEE was also the host of Mee & You, a television talk show and she was involved in a lot of other things. Having an editor with RMD’s dedication meant a lot to her, but that was as far as things went back then. After all, MEE was about five years older than him.MEE also had the Sunshine Foundation, which catered to the needs of the needy. She was really passionate about the downtrodden, widow and jobless people.She employed the jobless, fed the hungry, supported the weak and helped the sick. She clothed the naked, sheltered the homeless, consoled the widow and encouraged the widower. She was simply wonderful.As busy as MEE’s life was, she still found time for the Classique Magazine. RMD was one of the most trusted of her employees at that time. Their working together meant that they spent much time together. He would sometimes take editorial materials to her house and it would be too late for him to go back home, so he would sleep on her couch.One thing led to the other and a beautiful romance started between them. The announcement of their wedding shook the media world and Nigeria as a whole. They lived happily together and RMD later started his own magazine called ‘Mr.’ after that.Unfortunately, the magazine did not survive for long, but that was not as devastating to RMD as the death of his wife, MEE. She died during a fibroid operation in Lagos in March 23, 1996 at the age of 39. It was one death that everybody in Nigeria felt. It was almost like a bad dream.23 years later after MEE’s death, a lot has happened. RMD remarried a long time ago. He married former popular TV personality TV girl, Jumobi Odugbesan and his children from that marriage are already grown now. He had two sons before he married Jumobi.RMD has been a wonderful father to MEE’s daughter, Onome. He has played a big role in the life of the now grown woman of about 32 years old.FunkyAlhaja is written by Alhaja Adeola Agoro, author, journalist and media consultant.