Rita Daniels gives reasons she married off Regina without her father’s consent

Regina Daniels and her mom

A Nigerian lady showed her staunch support for Regina Daniels mom Rita.

According to her, Rita Daniels did the right thing by married off her daughter .

The fan girl gave three reasons to support her claim even as she lambasted the actress’ alleged father for being a deadbeat dad.

A Nigerian lady identify as Nkechi Bianze on Facebook recently declared her support for Rita Daniels action of married off her daughter to Ned Nwoko. The woman said she loved the actress mom for taking a bold step to do what others would fear to do.

Even more, Nkechi lambasted Jude Ojeogwu, Regina alleged dad, for being a deadbeat father. According to her, the man who allegedly did not pay Rita bride price got what he deserved from Regina and her mom.

The passionate lady gave three reasons why she thought Rita action was justifiable. Generally, her explanation bordered around the fact that Regina’s mom had been a single mother all her life so it is only proper for her to act alone during the sacred moment of marriage.

Regina Daniels

Rita Daniels is Regina Daniels’ mum

Three Reasons I Love Rita Daniels
As soon as the irresponsible sperm donor abandoned them, she changed Regina’s surname from Ojeogwu (Regina’s biological father’s surname) to her own maiden named Daniels.

According to her she raised and supported Regina Daniels to her best of ability.

When it was time for Regina to get married, she acted ALONE as the only parent Regina has.She totally erased the man from their lives and did her thing.

And I loves Regina Daniels for still not giving a damn about her deadbeat father.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how to treat a sperm donor.

I heard that Regina’s biological father is deadbeat, and he said he didn’t approved  the marriage. This is quite funny. Who is he again?

Like seriously, what gives these deadbeat father’s this much guts?

If not because of some stale tradition, where would these men borrow their guts from?

I mean from the common sense point of view, what would give a person who has not played a role in your life the gut to think that his opinion about your marriage matter or that he deserved to received bride price?

Why do some deadbeat father’s still feel this entitlement over their children they abandoned?

It grates my nerves when I see children of deadbeat father’s going to beg their irresponsible father’s to accept their bride price and bless their marriage. You people give these irresponsible men the guts to do what they do. You people give them the guts to keep misbehaving thinking they will always get away with it.

You daughter of deadbeat father’s who go and beg and invite them to your wedding, how do you feel in your head when you go and beg a man who absolutely abandoned you to come and act as a father for your wedding and collect bride price and “the list”?

Regina Daniels

So, when men who have been there through think  for their children are doing “father of the bride or father of the groom”, your irresponsible sperm donor daddy is also playing that role?

I don’t understand the rational behind some of these stupid tradition. A man get a woman pregnant and abandoned his responsibility. The woman single handedly raised the children. Then when it’s time to get married, tradition demand that they got back to the irresponsible sperm donor to beg him to come and collect bride price What sort of extremely stupid tradition is that?

Any tradition that reward deadbeat father’s by making them entitled to bride price and every honored a father should get is a stupid tradition.

So, the woman who raised the child… what does she get? She’s the all-round loser and the mumu, huh? She raised the child on her own while the man was being an idiot. But some of these tradition say that her opinion doesn’t matter.

As a man, you ejaculated sperm into a woman’s vagina years ago and took no responsibility whatsoever for what the sperm turned out to be. Decades later, you crawl out from the hole you’ve been in to claim that you are a father. You, my dear pseudo human is mad!

Listen, even mad man, idiots, morons and imbeciles can release sperm. What makes you a father involve playing an active role in the life of your children.

There are many women on my list who are raising their children alone because the father’s of their children abandoned their fatherly roles. Most of you read me. And I hope you people have the strength and will to stand your ground when the time comes.

Take a hint from Regina’s mum and damn all stupid tradition. If you raised your children alone, then ONLY YOU deserve the honor as a parent to your children.

The thing is that many of you are too lazy. You don’t have the strength to fight. After you have finished suffering, you will still think you don’t deserved to accept bride price or whatever price.

Single mother’s who raised their children alone deserve to be the ones to accept bride price or any other honor the parent of the bride should get.

Dear single mother’s on my list,

It’s OK to change your children surname to yours. I just want you to understand that. Yes, I said it!
My graduate school house mate’s mum changed her name as soon as her father abandoned them to another country to marry another woman. Many people are now doing this.

Things are changing fast.

Young men of today need to begin to realize that they will not get away with being deadbeat father’s to their children. We as a society, especially single mother’s and women need to begin to send across this message.

Deadbeat father’s are the scums of the earth.

I do NOT like them at all.

And… Regina Daniels is AN ADULT! She doesn’t need anyone permission before get married.
Only children under 18 need parental consent to get married… if at all the legal jurisdiction permit the marriage of children under the age of 18.

Resist the temptation to come here with that ”there are deadbeat mothers too” line of lamentation. I want to discuss deadbeat father’s now. If you want to talk about deadbeat mother’s, please make a post on your wall and do it there. Thank you!