RIP To My Useless Father, I’m Happy We Saw Your Death – Corper Happily Announces His Father’s Death


A young corper who was very happy as he announced his father’s death posted on his Instagram page to share with the world how happy he was to hear the news of his father’s death.

He wrote on his Instagram page;

Thursdays are for CDS #Abjcopppa…And finally, the great devil died last night… R.I.P My useless father… Just so happy we all saw your death… This is GOODNEWS.

I can’t imagine how a child can be so heartless to the point of wishing that his parents should die. What might his father have done to deserve this kind of farewell from him?

Some claims that the man might have neglected his family while he was alive as there are some wicked fathers who wouldn’t pay for their children school fee and care for the upbringing of his children rather he will spend all his money on women and drinking.

Please readers even if a father should be like this, should he receive this kind of farewell from his child?