RIP!!! 18-year-old Student Collapses, Dies After Taking This Drug Before Night Out


A young, beautiful student has died a completely tragic death after taking a dangerous drug before heading for a night out.

Ellie Knowles collapsed and died after she was given a Class A drug

Ellie Knowles, an 18-year-old student collapsed and tragically died after she was given a Class A drug before a night out, Daily Star UK reports.

The young woman took MDMA before heading to an event at the club in Hoults Yard in Newcastle.

An inquest has been launched to determine the cause of her death.

Meanwhile, Ryan Best and Jack Malloy were jailed this week for their involvement in supplying drugs to the teen before the night out at Shindig, in Byker.

As the pair were jailed, Ellie’s mum Natalie Pegden paid a heartbreaking tribute to her “beautiful” daughter and says she “sobs, screams and tortures” herself with thoughts of what might have been for Ellie.

In a statement to Newcastle Crown Court, she said: “The impact of Ellie’s death on me is insurmountable. Ellie and I shared a very tight mum and daughter bond and she truly was my best friend.

“Beautiful on the inside and out, I ache to hear her laugh one more time, to see her face and smell her but I am left with a void that no one can fill and an image of a hospital mortuary.

“Each time I go into her bedroom I pray it’s all been a terrible nightmare and she will still be warm and snuggled up in bed but instead we are left with a room that remains unchanged since her death.”

She added: “I still have her on speed dial and in my favourites but never again can I call her and hear her voice just for a quick natter or listen to her tell me all the latest gossip from her friends and boyfriends.

“I sob, scream and torture myself with the what might have been and I am left empty now with what will never be.”

Best, 22, and Malloy, 20, were jailed for a total of five years, after Ellie’s death on November 6 last year.

The group – some who were students in the city – took the drugs before heading to the club.

A court was told how Ellie, from Doncaster, began to feel unwell and eventually collapsed.

She was taken to hospital by paramedics but later died.

Best admitted a charge of supplying Class A drugs and Malloy admitted a charge of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

Malloy, of Turnberry Court, South Yorks, was jailed for one year, while Best, of Tulip Brae, Northern Ireland, was caged for four years.


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