Rihanna’s Break-Up: Perhaps Don Jazzy’s Time to Takeover


Rihanna’s Break Up, Don Jazzy’s gain. You may not understand it if you’ve never felt it. Take a walk down memory lane and recall back in the days when at school or within your neighborhood you crush on that cute kid and he or she had another boyfriend or girlfriend as the case may be. Then all of a sudden you heard that they broke up because they had a problem. How did you feel knowing that your love interest is now free from some relationship holdback?

Well, Don Jazzy might be feeling the same way because his love interest Rihanna is free right now. Recently Rihanna broke up with her billionaire Arab boyfriend whom she has been dating for more than a year.

It’s a known fact that Nigeria’s biggest music producer and record label owner, Don Jazzy is a Rihanna lover. The big boss and business mogul have never hidden his admiration and love for the Barbados born beauty. So many cute memes have been made to portray their love which doesn’t exist. With Rihanna now single and possibly searching, some of us rooting for Don Jazzy believe this is the best time to swing into action and take her for keeps.

Those who came before Jazzy have failed to keep the Barbados born beauty. No doubt, she is too hot to handle but with a man like Jazzy, she would be making a long-lasting family.

Some negative talkers say she is too rich right now for a man like Don Jazzy but I refuse such assertions because Jazzy is doing well too. Happiness goes beyond money and if Jazzy is bringing the ‘true love for true story’ then all distractors like Chris Brown and Drake should clear the way for the real man, Don Jazzy.

When I heard about Rihanna’s break up with her billionaire boyfriend, Hassan Jameel I just felt it, I knew it might be Don Jazzy’s time to take over. “street ati takeover …oh yeah” in Brother Shaggi’s voice. She has been caught up in relationships previously which made it a bit difficult for Jazzy to activate his African ‘big boy’ swag to woo her. But now, the chance and time have come. So, this is not just to say what it could be but to urge Don Jazzy to stop seating on defense but go-ahead to attack. No more crying over Rihanna beneath the sheets, get to work and woo her, man.

It’s all fun to think about such possibilities as it does paint life as beautiful as we desire it. So, who is your celebrity crush? Do you imagine things? Well, both for fun and for a real love chase? Life goes on; don’t worry, but be happy. It’s my wish for Jazzy and to you reading this ‘fun’ piece from me to keep conquering and fulfilling your dreams because that’s what makes life amazing