Rihanna will never be as beautiful as Chidinma and this is why


We all live to catch fun on social media by comparing celebrities, we look forward to it on a daily and this morning it’s all about Chidinma Ekile and Rihanna. Tweeps are comparing their beauty and lots of them ain’t backing down. @yemihazan insisted that chidinma is way prettier than rihanna and emphasized that riri is just full of “Sex appeal” and even went on and said Burna Boy’s girlfriend Stefflon Don is more beautiful than rihanna.

Lots of people got it all wrong and started putting sentiments of who is bigger and what not, then @barliqees tweeted to clarify things by saying”he is talking about beauty and not who has a successful career.

As we speak, Rihanna is trending Number one and chidinma Number 14 on twitter trend table as we all know because Rihanna is bigger but when it comes to beauty people are not letting rihanna win that hence, they have lots of their pictures all over the time line.

Some were lowkey throwing shades at Rihanna because of her fore head while some posted tweets that indicate they are both beautiful in their own way.

The argument is still going on and on and @yemihazan insisted that even chidinma without make-up is still prettier than Rihanna on make-up and @barliqees said she agree too.