Revealed What Men want other than Se x that Women don’t know

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It is the age old question where a woman’s vanity steps in to question why a man would pick someone else and leave her behind. What does she have that I do not? In fact, I might even have better but yet he chose her and not you?

Her commitment to work hard with him

Right now, I can tell you that no woman in our society wants to date potential. Few will still try it but they go in already afraid. Not because the women are trying to get to wherever they are going faster but because of the lessons learnt. Even I am afraid of dating potential. Each woman knows some woman who tried it and when the man finally made it; he decided he liked shinier things. She was a part of him that was bad, now he needs something that will announce his status before he speaks. So as much as the men are complaining that the women who are ready to work from the ground with you are far less in between; you men are actually to blame. You might not be the man in question but some man did it to some woman and the word got around; your lady just does not want to be part of that statistic.

But for most men, they do look for that woman who will accept his current situation and be open minded enough to wait and work with him for both to get what they want. They want a woman who sees his vision as well and is willing to forego a couple of dates but stay at home until he finally makes it. If you are that woman, you will never fall short of men who will want to be with you. The trick is in identifying the clowns from the legit guys. The ones you know they will always uplift you as their woman when they get there. Not the ones that will toss you aside like yesterday’s garbage because he now deserves better.

Her state of mind

While you are dating what is your state of mind?

For most of us we go in confident and lady like and full of really cool ideas but wait until that man actually starts paying you attention. Independent woman with independent brain goes down the drain. Your life now revolves around him. You let go of your life and how you were working on in terms of your own vision to concentrate on the guy. That becomes suffocating by the way. It just becomes too much when he has to keep pausing himself or putting his own things down in order to cater for your demand of attention.
You need to learn how to compliment a guy coming into your life rather than supplementing your whole existence for him.


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