REVEALED: Nigerian Lecturers Allegedly Use Research Grants To Buy Cars, Houses & Luxurious Things


In a report we have sighted on, the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) has alleged that most Nigerian lecturers use their research grants to purchase cars, houses and other luxurious things.

They accused lecturers in Nigeria’s public tertiary institutions of diverting research grants purchase their personal things.

This claim was made by the TETFund’s director of research and development, Salihu Bakari, during a recent submission.

According to him, huge sums of money are made available to the individual lecturers, and sometimes their teams for research exercises, conference attendance, among others, are usually misappropriated.

During his submission, he said;

“It is sad to note that public funds made available to lecturers to conduct groundbreaking and demand-driven researches towards solving Nigeria’s socio-economic, and even political challenges, are misappropriated by those who are expected to be above board. I mean the beneficiaries of our grants.

Through our recovery efforts, we had traced monies to houses built by lecturers with the public fund; there are cases of cars purchased with the money, without any research work done. And these are the people who would be accusing politicians of being corrupt.”