REVEALED! How Armed Robbers Attacked Enyimba

The aftermath of the attack by armed robbers on Nigeria Premier League champions Enyimba will affect the players psychologically as newly signed Enyimba player Stephen Chukwudi recalled the chilling experience to


Chukwudi described the terrifying moment, saying he has never seen such in his life.

“One of our officials told them we are footballers, one of them shouted at him, saying ‘Thunder fire football!’, Chukwudi reported.

“I have never witnessed such a thing in my life, they were like five men, all fully armed with guns.

“I saw heaven and came back to earth. It was terrifying.

“Thank God no one was hurt, but they collected our phones and money.”

The management of the team confirmed that armed robbers attacked the entire crew around Okene, Kogi state on the way to Kaduna for the Super Four tournament today January 18.

It would also be recalled that in 2015, Kano Pillars were also attacked by robbers on their way to a league game in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Five players including star striker Gambo Mohammed were shot.


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