Retired vicar, 79, who was left homeless after splitting from 24-year-old gay husband finds love again with a 20-year-old student (Photos)


Philip Clements, a 79-year-old retired vicar from the Church of England who married a man 55 years younger than him has found new love again with a much younger man.

According to the Sun UK, the former vicar first got married to 24-year-old Florin Marin in April last year at a ceremony in Ramsgate, Kent, after meeting him online in 2015.

He reportedly sold his £215,000 home in Sandwich, Kent, to buy a flat in Bucharest in Romania, where Mr. Marin is originally from, and he transferred ownership to him.

Sadly for Mr. Clements, things didn’t go down well for them, as they split after just a few months together.

It was reported that the couple went their separate ways when Mr. Marin, a chef and model spent most of his time going to nightclubs without Mr. Clements, forcing him to jet back to Britain with nowhere to live.

Speaking to Dover Mercury newspaper, the former Church of England vicar, who retired in 1999, said he was now living at a friend’s house in Kent.

He also revealed that he has found love with a new man, a 22-year-old biology student from Romania.

Mr. Clements said he was now seeking a divorce from Mr. Marin, adding: “I’m optimistic that there is a future beyond this terrible, devastating situation.

“I’ve got my church, my friends, and family. I’ve got this new partnership and hopefully, he’ll be able to come over here and we can be together.”

According to Mr. Clements said he met his new love online after he contacted him to offer his condolences after his split from Mr. Marin.

“There was something about him that I liked –we got into texting each other and it went from there. Age doesn’t matter to me. He’s learning from me about life and I’m learning from him – he preserves my youth.”

He also told the publication that he had recently gone to see his new love in the northern Romanian city of Iasi around 250 miles from Bucharest.

Mr. Clements added that his new partner, who he did not name, was coming to the UK in the summer after completing his degree.


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