‘Respect everyone but fear no one, nobody has two heads’ – Yul Edochie charges fans

Yul Edochie

Actor and son of the legendary Nigerian actor, Pete Edochie Yul Edochie has instilled a sense of pride and the ‘can do spirit’ in his followers with a new post he published on Twitter.

Yul has been making profound statements lately as though he has now become a sort of a motivational speaker and this new post underpins that perfectly.

He tweeted:

“Respect everyone but fear no one. Nobody has two heads. Last last all of us will die someday. Fear only GOD!”

His fans reacted swiftly and we have captured some of the comments below for you:

U very inspirational Bros, I wish I could see u one day.

Pls sir how do we differentiate respecting someone and fearing someone.. Because in some scenario of life it becomes abit confusing.

It takes a man of faith who doesn’t live by his mere sense…. to fear God..! And deep down in the soul of every human… there is a witness that God Exist..!

God bless you sir.. May the Lord continue to lift you higher.I will not tell u again to go for politics… If u need campaign chairman I’m ready! #wisetalk.