Reno Omokri: What you need to know before getting married

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri,a great social media influencer has advice the young people to consider this criteria before getting into the marriage bliss.

He pointed out that one should test her cooking skill,test her temper and her homemaking abilities.

“singles, Instead of doing taste before marriage, do test before marriage. Test his love. Test his temper. Test her cooking skills, her homemaking abilities and her character.

Don’t always take her on romantic dates.” Said Omokri

“Sometimes ask her to cook. Don’t wait until you marry to discover that she can’t cook. It will become very unromantic then. The extra costs of eating out msg make you do other things outside. There will be enough time to taste AFTER marriage. Never before. Never before!” added Omokri.

However, i think it is also important to consider whether her personality is appealing to your values, as skills can be learned and unlearned.