Remote Palava: Lady pours hot oil on fiance’s cousin

Hot oil

A Nigerian lady named Layemi on Twitter recently shared a shocking story on the micro-blogging platform. She gave an account of the overwhelming experiences of a single male friend of hers and his near-marriage to an angry lady.

Many Nigerians voiced out their thoughts about the lady’s story. According to Layemi, the subject of her story is what Nigerians would refer to as a ‘made’ man – he has a car, a good job, a house and he is even an entrepreneur. However, he is yet to be married.

This ‘shortcoming’ drove Layemi to have a conversation with him about why he is still single. In the course of their conversation, the man revealed that he nearly got married to a lady he had courted for five years but he put a stop to their relationship a few months before the wedding. He was compelled to do this after she poured hot oil on his cousin. According to the man, his fiancee was a disrespectful lady who had the least regard for his family members. He, however, felt compelled to marry her due to certain complicated issues that had happened in the past.

But then, her sauciness got to the peak when his cousin visited. Not only was she rude to this favorite relative of his for a long while, but she also poured hot oil on him because he hid the remote from her while he was watching football on TV. For this reason, their wedding plans crashed and his cousin was made to bear the scars of their painful relationship.