Regina Daniels’ mum shades ex-husband – Praises God for removing him from her life


Obviously, Rita Daniels is one of the luckiest mums alive after her successful actress daughter wooed to herself her billionaire husband.

Regina Daniels mum has unapologetically noted that she was never going to marry her daughter to a toyboy who is not rich and would maltreat her.

That I supposed answered the question everyone wanted to know.

Apparently, Rita Daniels who was recently flown to Cape Town by her in-law and her daughter is thanking God for ‘removing’ somebody from her life.

According to her, sometimes such things happen to protect us so we should accept it when people walk out of our lives.

She wrote, ‘some times people are removed from your life to protect you, don’t run after them. One fake friend can do more damage than five enemies.’

Who could have gone out of this woman’s life that it’s been a blessing in disguise? Need I say more??