Regina Daniels: Am not after his money, I married him for some reasons


The relationship between Nigerian girlfriend Regina Daniels and contributing businesswoman Ned Nwoko remains the subject of intense debate among Nigerians on various social networks.

Their marriage sparked controversy after many accused Regina Daniels’ mother.

Rita Daniels, of allowing her teenage son to marry an elder for money.

The difference in their age is 40 years, however, as alludes say, their age is a small number, the couple says they found each other in love.

While speaking to Kemi, the 59-year-old opened up about her marital life by reiterating that he is a devout Muslim, thus defending marriage options as many women as he wants.

The prominent politician who is married to five women says his step is based on Islamic teachings.

“Allamdulilai, Hon. Ned Nwoko is royal blood and has access to as many women as he wants.

He is not a child and knows what is best for him. Don’t forget that he is a Moslem and has more rights than a woman.

He would not want to comment on Regina Daniels. ”

On the other hand, Regina Daniels made it known that she married him for a purpose not for his money.