Regina Askia celebrated Mother’s Day with her pretty daughters (photos)


Meet Nollywood actress now turned medical officer, Regina Askia and her daughters, Stephanie Hornecker and Teesa Olympia as they celebrates mother’s day in such a beautiful way.

It was indeed a great day for mothers world over yesterday over the celebration of mother’s day. The day is set aside globally to appreciate the efforts and contributions of motherhood to the existence of our society, and it general welbeing and growth.

Social media was filled with different beautiful celebrations, and it was indeed a lovely memories to behold, and one of them once again caught our attention- that of Regina Askia and her queenly daughters.

“Thanks to my lovely daughters and big Rudy for a beautiful Mother’s Day! Cheers,” she wrote along photos with her daughters shared on her Instagram page.

Regina Askia who is married to American hubby, Rudolph Rudy Williams has two kids with him, a son and a daughter (Teesa Olympia and Rudolph Junior), but the actress has another daughter from her previous relationship, Stephanie Hornecker, who is a model.