Reekado Banks play cool as Simi Drey and ILLBliss tell him he is owing N12m in prank


A prank video of singer Reekado Banks playing it cool after he was accused of not paying his taxes is making rounds on social media. The prank was played on the singer by media personality Simi Drey and artist ILLBliss.

In the video, Drey and ILLBliss called Reekado Banks pretending to be officers of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

They asked the singer if he got the letters informing him of the outstanding tax payments. They claimed to have sent the letters to his record label but decided to call him after they got no response.

ILLBliss still pretending like FIRS staff told the singer that his outstanding tax payment is over N12 million.

On hearing this, the singer laughed and asked them which record label they sent the letters to. He also said his former record label handled all the tax payments for him.

Reekado Banks, who was calm all through even after he was told he owes N12 million, said he would have to call his former record label and talk about.

The singer laughed after ILLBliss and Drey revealed that he was being pranked and he was being recorded on a live show.