“Reduce your expectations, human beings will disappoint you, focus on God more” – Do2dtun shares a word of advice for Nigerians

On-air personality Do2dtun made a post on Instagram recently that some may translate as a shade to the late Aderounmu Adejumoke’s brother.

Do2dtun shared a few slides, in which he wrote;

“When you are going through some things and you expect certain people to be in touch and they didnt, I think it’s also okay just for the record to ask them “what’s wrong’” and why they didn’t cos their problems might be bigger than yours

Reduce your expectations. Human beings will disappoint you. We will and it’s not our fault. It’s your fault for not knowing the limits of a man. speak to yourself first and accept it in your mind that we are all designed to disappoint you. It reduces the hurt.

Stop demanding or get mad for not receiving things your loved ones cant do for you from strangers except you’ve earned it or worked for it. A gift is different from a salary. If they don’t, be sad, dust it off & keep it moving. A gift is a privilege not your right”

The reason why Do2dtun’s post may be mistaken for a jab at the late Aderounmu Adejumoke’s brother is because in his caption, he wrote;

“Focus on God & your strength more. If you get help, count yourself lucky. if you didn’t, try again OR find a different approach. When someone helps you, it’s not your right, ITS A PRIVILEGE Entitlement is a disease”

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