Reasons Yemi Alade may be in hot romance with manager, Aliyu


Four years ago, Yemi Alade granted reacted to rumours that she was having a hot romance with her manager, Taiye Aliyu. In her response, she didn’t deny nor agree.

According to her, yes she is having an affair with her manager but on a different angle. She said, ”Well, it has been years.

But is this news still flying around? Yes, I have a relationship with him; a working relationship. He is my manager, he is managing my music, not my personal life.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but people can expect what they want to expect though. I’m not holding back anyone’s expectations.”

It’s 2020 and the pretty singer has not been associated with any man except Aliyu. Whenever you see the manager, you must see Alade unless something urgent holds her back.

Even though she is yet to confirm her relationship with Aliyu, people who should know reveal that both of them are inseparable and are deeply in love with each other. It was gathered it explains why no man has been linked with Alade in the industry for years despite her good looks. ”It is no a hidden thing in the industry; everyone knows they are dating.

They are both mature and they know what they want. I just pray the relationship doesn’t end up like Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz. When romance enters a business, it’s always hard to keep things going, ” a source said.

There is actually nothing to hide and there is no reason why the duo cannot get married and spend forever together.

Inasmuch Tiwa Savage’s marriage to her manager ended in a messy circumstance, there are also celebrity marriages that stood the test of time. You can’t judge a situation with another and no one is certain of tomorrow.

If truly Alade is dating her manager, it’s high time she admitted and stopped playing hide-and-seek. Yes, it’s her private life but she’s a public figure and everyone is interested in her life.

She’s also not getting younger anymore. She has done well for herself musically; so, she needs to consider marriage and makes babies unless she doesn’t believe it’s necessary for her.

If marriage is not Alade’s thing, it’s fine too. Everyone one has their aspirations and people should be allowed to make their choices.