Reasons Why Naira Marley Got Arrested 124 Times In England


The famous Nigerian rapper Naira Marley popularly known for his song “I am a yahoo boy” is one controversial personality. Recently arrested on May 10, 2019, by the EFCC alongside four others for his alleged involvement in advanced fee scams amongst other cybercrimes.

The king of the Marlins did not stay quiet as he took to the internet the next day after his release to highlight that he had been arrested 124 times in England and cannot change his style of music for anything. Wonder why he was arrested that many times in England? Well, here are some interesting facts.

Nobody knows how many times he has been arrested or how true it is when it comes to how many times he claims to have been arrested in England. If there is one thing that is sure it is the fact that he has been arrested for some major crimes in England, leading to his move back to the country.

One of the significant incidences where Azeez Fashola also known as “Naira Marley” has been arrested and is still wanted by the Lewisham Police in the United Kingdom for crimes ranging from robbery to sexual assault on a night bus in Surrey Canal on March 5th 2014.

This happened at the age of 19 alongside some other major incidences before that all showing how that the scenario of getting arrested severally might still be a possibility. However, for the majority of people who can claim to have a bad rap, that number is high.

Whether it is a song that hits against the government, or whether allegations are pointing to him as an internet fraudster, from the look of things, this is inevitably one personality not scared of an atmosphere of controversy. Other famous musicians who have a rap sheet of controversy have never dreamt of boasting such a heavy count when it comes to arrests in their locations, all signs pointing to the fact that this is an unlikely scenario.

All we can say at this time is that concerning the issues with arrests and complications in the UK, Naira Marley surely has some unfinished business which we can say makes him somewhat as bad as he wants people to see him.

Still, when it comes to his claims with regards to his arrest in the UK, we can say that this can be classified as the claims of a musician wanting to make a complicated situation look or seem lighter with a much-complicated scenario.

With the year rounding up and a lot still to come before 2019 is finally gone, it is possible to get more information that would shed light on the possibility of these claims. Till then, all we can use is our imagination.

What are your thoughts concerning the king of the Marlians and his claims of being arrested many times? Do you think this is possible or just the ravings of a High Marlian? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.