Reality TV star, Diane Russet, reveals the greatest challenge of being a celebrity

Reality TV star, Diane Russet has shared the greatest challenge being a celebrity with her fans on social media.

Diane Russet had a Question and Answer session with her fans on Instagram and according to her, it is her very last interactive session she is having with them as far as 2021 is concerned therefore they should make the moment count.

In furtherance of this, a follower was curious to know what the challenge she encounters as a celebrity which is the most daunting and in her response she revealed that the greatest challenge is when everyone thinks they know you better than yourself.

See screenshot below;

See reactions below;

@justsipmike wrote;

Demons will now ask..”is she a celebrity” swear with your chest you don’t know her, na una be the real village people

@wendypeterschere wrote;

That’s why as a celebrity, you have to develop a thick skin though, as much as I wanna be famous, am I even ready to face the consequences?😢

@jerrbernard wrote;

Everyone think they know what’s best for you.
Virtually everyone will want you to please them and act according to their will.
Giveaway especially when you’re the famous but broke kind of celebrity.

@yemisiadenusi wrote;

To be a celebrity you have to develop tough skin. Just do you and be good, and live an impactful life, that’s all that matters

@akeula_trendy wrote;

Fact it’s not easy tbh, person no fit even enter public bus in peace again 😢 may we not be poor and popular

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