Real Facts About Nancy Isime you probably Didn’t Know


Nancy Isime is a Nigerian actress, model and a television personality. Nancy has played a lot of roles in the movie industry, she has showcased herself well as all the movies she futured in a very popular bacause of her and the actors in the movie. She usually act in high budget movies.


In 2009 she won the Miss Valentine International beauty pageant, and began a career as an actress in the TV series Echoes in 2011. She has since appeared in several films and is known for presenting gossip show The Squeeze and technology show What’s Hot.

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Nancy seems to be having connection to meet most of the celebrities in nigeria as a presenter in HipTV. She does a program in HipTV trending every morning at 9:00am in this program she meets up with a lot of nigerian celebrities to discuss about their music career, likes, dislikes and passion.

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Nancy lifestyle revolves around fashion and beauty. She likes a lot of fancy things that’s why she lives a high class life.

Nancy is known to have always been on top of her fashion and style game. Many were not very surprised when she took it to the next level with her bold and unique haircut that features a blonde look. She styled hers’ with a side C-cut that spiced the look more.

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