Reactions Trail Recent Killing Of Females In Rivers State


In a recent development, many females have been killed in the same manner in different hotels in Rivers state. So many people have seen these killings as that of a serial killer on the loose.

These killings have led to different protest in Port Harcourt especially where it has been rampant, 9 girls have been killed with the killer opera modus being, luring the ladies into a hotel, strangling them and tying their mouth with a white handkerchief and their legs also with white clothing.

With the last killing on Monday, citizens are calling for a shutdown of hotels where the killings happened.

Also, online vendors have been advised not to do delivery in hotels, because some ladies killed are online vendors who were tricked to deliver products in hotels.

Also, some ladies have taken protests to the government house so actions can be taken, however, nothing has been heard from the government.