Reactions as Oyinbo men sings Nigerian National Anthem passionately (Video)

A trending video of Oyinbo military men singing the Nigerian national anthem has captured the admiration of many Nigerians on social media.

The 29-second video, shared by user @angelajamo, has quickly become a viral sensation, amassing over a million views on TikTok.

The video shows white British soldiers singing the anthem ‘Arise, O Compatriots’ in unison.

The surfaced video has sparked widespread praise and positive reactions from Nigerians online.

Despite the lack of clarity about the specific occasion for the impromptu rendition, the infectious excitement displayed by the soldiers while singing the national anthem stunned many viewers.

Netizens Reactions…

Danielle Ella said; “I will say Nigeria is the king of the world because I have never seen any country that does not celebrate Nigeria.”

Dean said; “Nigeria Anthem? I thought about the best piano voice to fit this anthem. That’s lovely . I got to know the Leaders of the country are corrupt.”

Shakers”delight said; “Yekpa!!!! Tinubu’don sell Nigeria, including our national Anthem! a’aye’ooo.”

Nikkykoker said; “If to say I no be Nigerian jealousy for don kill me.”

Isreal Rex said; “What’s going on pls abi dem don buy Nigeria?”

user said; “Who teach oyibo Nigerian National Anthem??”

_henriclex said; “Ghana Anthem wey be like worship song wey dem dey sing for burial.”

LORA said; “Ghana go think say na Justin Bieber’s new song.” 

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