Reactions as lady says she hates it when a man opens up to her about his money problems


The twitter user took to social media to reveal her hatred for hearing men open up to her about their money problems.

“I really hate when men wanna get vulnerable about the wrong shit. I hate when a man wanna open up to me about money problems. I don’t wanna hear this shit RICHARD”

This did not go down well with many people as they reacted to her tweet. A lot of people told her to take her complains to the men opening up to her and not disturb them on the social media platform.

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It’s so sad how some of us do things in this part of the world. We are almost at a point where everyone believes that any man without money does not deserve to have anything to do with a woman.

I agree that money is very important and necessary, but if a man is opening up about money problems, the only right thing to do is provide or devise ways to eradicate the problem together, if the two of you are in a relationship.

The whole idea that the man has to be the only one bringing money will work perfectly if the woman at least helps in coming up with ways that money won’t be a problem any longer.

Remember, behind every successful man is a woman. Women were made specially to assist men. He’s the head and therefore supposed to be the provider but what’s a head if the neck upon which it stands is useless?.